Shower Doors And Bathrooms


 Here At T&M Glass We Offer Many Different Types Of Shower Doors


 Spray Panel- 

- A Spray Panel has the benefit of not having to open a door.

-Less moving parts means this shower enclosure will never need to be serviced. Also lasting the longest of all Shower Enclosures

-Great for elderly and handicapped person

- The price of a spray panel is less than that of most types of shower enclosures and they are becoming increasingly popular for designers.

- Another Benefit to the spray panel is much easier to clean



Steam Units-

-Steam unit shower enclosures are designed to be tight to ceiling and floor with very little air flow coming from outside the shower

- The steam unit provides a sauna effect

- Often times the steam unit has a piece of glass the can be moved to vent air in if the user wants more air flow

-This Type Of Shower Heats up and stays the warmest the longest


Frameless Shower Doors/ Enclosures-

-These are now the most in demand most popular type of shower enclosure on the market

-Frameless Shower Doors are a custom piece or pieces of glass the panels are typically half inch thickness with the doors being 3/8's thickness

-Very Customizable this includes height, finish of hinges, color of glass, Thickness, type of glass, handles and towel bars, Available shower guard water repellant glass.

- Modern look that adds value to property

-All of the glass is incredibly strong safety glass and has the feel of a wall to it. Will last for a very long time and is very easy to maintain and clean


Framed Shower Enclosures

- Framed shower doors are among the least expensive

-They have different types of finished

- Made with tempered glass and aluminum stainless frame

- The doors are lighter because of the aluminum trim and get there strength from the aluminum framing